Day 3 (The Night Cometh While the Watchers Wait)

This post is only late because of the shoddy internet  BUT

2 sessions down, 1 more to go, and overall it’s been a pretty interesting day

The first conference Kyle, Scotty and myself attended was directed at radio managers and how we can better run our station.  For the most part, there were things we’ve been doing right that alot of other people haven’t been incorporating at all.  The biggest thing I got from this was a more productive way to keep members happy, but also being able to dish out punishment effectively.  Complimenting members on doing something well or correctly just makes them do that much of a better job later on.

The next thing we went to was a session that REALLY helped us.  The whole topic was about trying to support our online stream.  The real speaker actually wasn’t able to show up, but two women at least tired.  It was more the other members of the group that helped us out.  Just doing things like recording live shows for later, or more band interviews can really help garner listeners.  One of the women actually said to record funerals. I stopped listening at that point.

Finally, I went to a production round table and talked to other people from their radio station and the issues they had.  Overall…our station has it pretty well. We may have low wattage, but apparently we’re pretty well off money wise.  But I learned that we need more. Much more. PSA re-recordings, live music, and more news production are going to help us so much

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facebook is the most used, but often times overlooked by users as a platform to tie in all your social media sites into one. Gerry, Scotty and myself just came back from a seminar on how to make your page stand above the rest. Expect big things from the WQAQ facebook page. If you don’t already like it, then click on ME!

Expect big things.

It’s going to be pretty damn awesome

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Day 2 (or how I learned to love the machine)

So today began the day of conferences. Already met some pretty cool people with alot going for them.  Plus, alot of them have cool accent (which is sad I find this so interesting seeing as it’s people within my own country. Too sheltered?) Either way it’s a blast.

Started the day off with a panel about money coming into a station. I’m keeping this broad because the whole thing was basically a) things I already knew and b) a circle jerk for this 1 show (they’re so EDGY and GOOFY too so that’s fun?) Overall, not a good start to the day

Went on to Facebook help group (essentially to just promote events). Once we got into the room, it was easy to see that we needed a bigger room (JAWS stuff). Overall useful presentation that actually showed us how to promote our events better and just see what people like on our website or facebook page. I was pretty damn happy.

1 more conference, then it’s pool side with Kyle Murphman

Also, KLOUT.

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Scotty dropped so much money on everything dank ass Potter

Scotty dropped so much money on everything dank ass Potter

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Day 1 of Sun

I had to make this post rhyme…I felt just as bad as you did reading it. BUT we all landed safely in Orlando, after what seems like one of the longest days I’ve had in some time (although there were some people who left and midnight from other schools, came to the early conferences and have been there most of the day).  We did the complete opposite.  We were all very hungry and we decided to have lunch out by the pool of our hotel (this place is too fucking nice for us)

Next, the best trip with everyone to Universal. We had a tough cab ride (guy was literally just trying to rip us off, so anyone else at this conference, just be careful). None-the-less, we did all the rides. Although when we got to Harry Potter Village, the main goal was to basically shut up and give money to the Harry Potter deity (which I’m completely fine with).  

Tomorrow comes the learning stuff. Be ready for that people. I’ll post some good music as well on here, so look forward to that too